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Latest News from The Guiltless Glass

I'm happy to announce to everybody that The Guiltless Glass now has a mobile version of the site. If you're addicted to your smart phone like myself, you will find this pretty exciting.

I am still trying to figure out how to redesign the mobile version to look more like the web version...which I think is pretty keep an eye out for the upcoming changes!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!

I'll be working to make The Guiltless Glass even better for you!!

Endless Love,

Summer Heat

Wow! It's been really hot here in Denver, CO this past week. It makes me really thirsty for something SUPER cold and delicious. I've always been a fan of summer, but not a fan of sweating bullets on a sweltering patio.
I've been racking my brain for some new drink ideas this week and I'm coming up empty. I need some inspiration. I've been drinking my usual go-to easy cocktail in the evenings...the good ole' Vodka and Diet Coke. It's simple and easy, but not very exciting. I suppose I need some excitement back in my cocktails....

I'm thinking I need to put together a sort of slushy, super-duper ICE COLD drink with very low calories, but tons of flavor!

I will do some hard thinking tonight and hopefully I'll come up with a new drink by morning!

Hope you all are staying cool and pleasantly tipsy in the heat!

Love you ALL!!!


Summer Favorites...

What are your favorite summer flavors?
Pineapple, peach, strawberry, watermelon???
I want to design new cocktails using the flavors you crave the most during the hot summer months!

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

Endless Love,

Arnold Palmer

A boozy, skinny twist on an old classic!